Training Services

General: The information contained in this website is an overview of our courses only. Please review the area(s) that are of interest to you. For a detailed outline of the course(s) contact our office.

Prerequisites: Applicant holds both a valid driver’s license for the class of vehicle being taught and a valid equipment operators’ medical certificate, if relevant.

Class Size: Minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8 (unless previously agreed upon)

Environment: Unless otherwise indicated all instruction will take place at the client’s location or site. Depending on the application being taught the course content will be based on 50% theory and 50% practical, 60% theory and 40% practical, 70% theory and 30% practical, 80% theory and 20% practical, 90% theory and 10% practical or 100% theory. If applicable the practical aspect requires an outside area with related course equipment available for inspection, set-up and skills assessment.

Methodology: Rae’s Training & Consulting offers courses that cover much of the equipment in operation today. The primary intent of all the courses in our curriculum is to ensure that your employees understand and practice the safety regulations, and follow the proper maintenance and operational requirements of your equipment. Each course is specifically designed, varies in length and has defined areas that are important to all individuals who are interested in remaining current with today's regulations.

If there is a piece of equipment that you have and it is not listed within our curriculum please call or e-mail and we can discuss your specific needs.

Equipment: Unless otherwise indicated the client will provide a classroom with an overhead screen &  white-board, to enable the delivery of the theory application.

Testing: To ensure successful completion of the course by the applicants and depending on the course, it is mandatory that the applicant achieve 70% or 80% on all testing.

Qualification: Rae's will present a Certificate of Training or a Certificate of Qualification to those who satisfactorily complete the course.

We offer courses for:

From time to time Rae’s Training & Consulting has employment opportunities available in your area for specific courses within their curriculum. If you have the qualifications and want to work in your area on a contract basis only for a dynamic Canadian owned company, please forward your resume, with covering letter and references to or give us a call.